307 Applebee Rd, Milton Mills, NH 03852

The Paid Teen Farm Apprenticeship at
Branch Hill Farm

Session 1: Thursday, June 20th – Wednesday, July 24th

Session 2: Thursday, July 25th – Friday, August 23rd

Teen Apprentices gain firsthand, mentored experience running all aspects of the gardens at Branch Hill Farm, producing over 7,000 lbs of food annually for their community on our 1⁄2 acre bio-intensive, no-till, sustainably-minded vegetable plot! Tasks include seeding, weeding, transplanting veggie crops, harvesting and packing vegetables for our farm store and CSA program, and occasionally helping with non-vegetable farm tasks like haying or moving sheep fencing.

Contact georgia_elgar@branchhillfarm.org for more information.

This is much more than just a summer farm job!

Teen Apprenticeship Program at Branch Hill Farm

You will be part of a fun-loving, inclusive team.

of fellow teen apprentices, staff, and community volunteers. We turn weeding into a game, celebrate wins, support each other through struggle, and prioritize self-care through stretching, mindfulness, community cooking, breaks, and acknowledging feelings & needs. As a Farm Apprentice, your self-discovery is as important as getting the harvests completed at the farm.

"Is This For Me?"

Teen Apprenticeship Program at Branch Hill Farm

No experience is required, but you should have a willingness to learn and be challenged, try new things, and work both independently as well as collaboratively with others. This job requires the ability and patience to work outdoors in a wide variety of weather conditions and is physically demanding.

Apprenticeship hours are Tuesday – Friday 8am-4pm. Apprentices should have transportation to/from Branch Hill Farm: 307 Applebee Rd. Milton Mills, NH 03852. Stipend is $1,250 – $1,350 for the duration of each session. Apprentices will also receive surplus veggies as they are available. If you are interested in participating in both sessions, please note this in your cover letter.

To Apply:

Teen Apprenticeship Program at Branch Hill Farm

Candidates aged 15-18 by the session start date (not parents) must email their cover letter and two references with contact information and relationship to the applicant to Georgia Elgar, Educational Programming Coordinator, at georgia_elgar@branchhillfarm.org.  

Applications due March 31st, 2024.

The cover letter should be 1-2 paragraphs. Tell us a little about yourself, why you’re interested in being a Farm Apprentice, which session you are applying for, and why you think you would be a great apprentice. Creativity and authenticity are encouraged in your cover letter! Share your previous experiences with physical labor or any other work/volunteer/work-at-home experiences, but those without much experience should not be discouraged from applying. Your enthusiasm to work, learn, and grow in an outdoor setting is the most important!

Prospective candidates will be invited to a 2-hour work interview on a Saturday in April before final hiring decisions are made by April 20th.