307 Applebee Rd, Milton Mills, NH 03852

Public Use Guidelines

Be Outside.

Conserve. manage. enjoy.

Much of the land owned and maintained by Branch Hill Farm and the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust is open to the public. We ask that you respect the land and follow the land use guidelines out lined below. A small percentage of BHF land is closed to the public and is posted with yellow signs. Please respect these signs as these areas are either agricultural work zones or ecologically sensitive.

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Read Before You Visit

Public Use Guidelines

Permitted Uses: Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Fishing, Hunting* (see Hunting policies below)


Prohibited: Motorized Vehicles, Trapping, Fires, Camping, Target Shooting


By Permission Only: Snowmobiling (on designated trails only), Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Metal Detecting

CSFCT Hunting Policies

Deer & Turkey Hunting Permitted in Season

Coyote/Predator Hunting and All Trapping is Prohibited

PLEASE STAY OFF THE HAY FIELDS.  No Hunting on, over, or from any of the fields.

Tree Stands only permitted from August 1 – December 31

All tree stands must have owner’s name, address, and phone number affixed.

No tree stands shall be erected within 100 feet of or positioned within the line of fire across any trails or roads.

CSFCT/BHF reserves the right to remove any tree stand not in compliance with these policies at any time.

Please call 603-473-2535 if you have any questions regarding land use.