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Not interested in a CSA Share but want to shop at our farm store? Open daily from mid May to October at 307 Applebee Rd. Milton Mills, NH.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In short, it is a food subscription model. CSAs prioritize a season-long relationship to local families and households. Traditionally, this has often taken the form of a “share”: a family or household purchases a “share” or season-long subscription of the farm produce at the beginning of the growing season, and then receives in-season bounty throughout the harvest season, typically on a weekly basis and enough to cover most/all of their vegetable needs for a week. This is the model we use at Branch Hill Farm.


Our Neighbors Love CSA Shares for Many Reasons:

Our Veggie CSA: Grown by Youth at Branch Hill Farm

Our CSA is unique in that your incredible produce is now being produced by local teens! The Paid Teen Apprenticeship Program at Branch Hill Farm welcomes teens aged 16-18 onto the farm for the educational-work opportunity of a life-time. Under the guidance of experienced farmers, teen apprentices are entrusted with the real-life task of running a CSA farm, while also gaining invaluable skills they take with them wherever they go in life. 

To learn more about the Teen Apprenticeship Program, please contact georgia_elgar@branchhillfarm.org

What are our growing practices?

Our produce and seedlings are the freshest, highest quality around, and raised without harmful chemicals. No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers. We utilize “no-till” practices on our tiny farm and use only organic inputs: this means life has the chance to THRIVE in our soil.

Certified Naturally Grown
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What You’ll Get:

CSA Options and Pricing

  • Full Sized 18-Week Summer Veggie CSA Share $600 before 4/1/24; $625 after 4/1/24

    The most popular choice. 18 weeks of seasonal veggies from June 4th – October 4th, 2024.

  • *NEW* Ugly Veggie CSA Share $400

    Limited availability. Our staff, apprentices, and volunteers created this new option out of the commitment to reduce on-farm food waste and teach our community about it. This is a full season, 18-week share. Those who are comfortable with the idea of receiving 3-legged carrots, kale with a few spots or blemishes, misshapen cucumbers, or lightly scuffed tomatoes will love this discounted share. You should also be comfortable with a less predictable weekly assortment of veggies. Note: All produce will still be just as FRESH as the regular share, it just definitely won't be as pretty

  • *NEW* Peak Summer 6-Week Veggie CSA Share $240

    This is the perfect 6-week CSA option for summertime-only households in our area! For just $35/week from July 25th-Sept 1st, receive an abundance of veggies and herbs of peak summer: tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions, carrots, basil, cucumbers, and more! Limited number available.

  • *NEW* 4-week FALL VEGGIE CSA SHARE! (October) $150

    Extend your share to 22 weeks! On Tuesdays in October, we will have a limited number of 4-Week Fall Vegetable Shares - Put off that sad day when you must return to the grocery store for your produce a little while longer! Think: greens of all sorts, carrots and beets, storage onions, fall broccoli and leeks, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and more!

  • *NEW* Perennial Vegetable & Herb Add-On $85

    Our CSA members and staff suggested this experimental new add-on because land benefits greatly when soil goes undisturbed (more beneficial/native critters, more carbon sunk, more resilience to weather extremes...). Annual vegetables require disturbance no matter how "no-till" we are, while perennials that live for many years do not. We welcome you in supporting the process of rediscovering these lesser known, culturally significant foods: sea kale, scorzonera, chicory root, scarlet runner beans, lovage, and more. This option is for you if you are excited by the idea of trying new and unfamiliar foods and are comfortable with rolling with some unpredictability. This is a full season add-on option and our goal is to get you 1 additional item per week on average to add to your share; some weeks there may be more or less. Limited availability.

  • Culinary Herb “Add-On” $50

    You will already receive 1 bunch of herbs most weeks in a regular full-sized share, but if you’re looking for more variety, or an opportunity to preserve or dehydrate surplus herbs for your winter use, this Culinary Herb Add-On Option is for you! Receive an additional bunch of herbs each week right along with your regular CSA Share! Our herbs: parsley, basil, cilantro, mint, lavender, oregano, sage, thyme

  • Microgreens "Add-on" $90

    Two 1.5oz boxes of microgreens added to your full-season share every other week. We typically grow 2 types of micros: sweet, crunchy pea shoots and a mildly spicy Asian mix of mustards/mizuna. For greens lovers.

  • Egg Share See Sign-Up Page

    Receive one dozen eggs weekly for 18 weeks. Produced by the pastured happy hens at Terra Firma Farm in Acton, ME.

  • Meat Share - Chicken and Lamb See Sign-Up Page

    We partner with the incredible Terra Firma Farm in Acton, ME to offer a variety of organic, pastured lamb and chicken. This option is for you if you want to expand your commitment to Local Food. See sign-up form for details about small, medium, and large share options.

  • Compost Program

    It’s simple. For $20, we’ll lend you a 5-gallon bucket each week that you can toss all your plant-based kitchen scraps into. Drop off your compost with us when you pick up your veggies and take home a clean bucket each week. Reduce your waste and help us “close the loop” by bringing fertility back to where it’s needed: Branch Hill Farm’s compost pile.

Note: We accept payment via cash, check, credit, and SNAP/EBT. We can also work with you to establish a payment plan if needed. Thanks to Seacoast Eat Local and Granite State Market Match, we offer discounted rates to SNAP/EBT users.

Still Have Questions?

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