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Education & Conservation

Branch Hill Farm’s ever-evolving projects and initiatives continuously enable us to preserve, protect, and learn from our fields, forests, farmlands.

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Educational Gardens

at Branch Hill Farm

Certified Naturally Grown

A sustainable learning environment.

The Educational Gardens at Branch Hill Farm are a model space for how learning and living occurs in a sustainable world. There can be no life-sustaining planet without life-affirming human systems, we believe there are particular ways of being that we must cultivate if the Earth is to sustain and thrive. Cooperation, communication, grit, compassion, teamwork, and gentleness are just a few of these ways of being, and we seek to model them every day in the gardens. 

The Educational Gardens are structured such that all those who come to learn here are immersed while also being supported in work and life here. In the spirit of truly experiential learning, we maintain the gardens as a working, productive enterprise. We have 40+ CSA members, store customers, and food pantry patrons depending on us to deliver on the promise for high quality produce!

“Work is love made visible.” ~Wendell Berry

Production Methods at the Educational Gardens

Our Certified Naturally Grown produce and seedlings are the freshest, highest quality around, and raised bio-intensively without harmful chemicals. No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, and yes locally-sourced compost! We utilize people-power, “no-till” practices and use only organic inputs: this means life has the chance to THRIVE in our soil.

We grow on 60 permanent beds totaling about ⅓ of an acre, along with a caterpillar tunnel and greenhouse.

Plant Sale Branch Hill Farm

Spring Plant Sale

Each winter, we take pre-orders for Certified Naturally Grown apple trees as well as vegetable, flower, and herb garden starts. Check back in January 2024 to see our availability catalog.

Educational Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to come to learn and contribute in the gardens for a morning, a week, or a season. However, garden visitors are expected to dive in and contribute to the work as they have the ability to produce and distribute our vegetables, herbs, and seedlings to the community. People are depending on us to deliver on the promise for high quality produce, so come prepared and expect to be given real work to do!

Volunteers are invited to help us get big jobs done on the following dates in 2024. Snacks provided.

  • Saturday, April 6th from 2-5pm,
  • Saturday, May 4th from 9am-1pm,
  • Saturday, October 5th from 2-5pm

If you are interested in arranging an opportunity with us for school credit, an internship, or simply for your own personal development, don’t hesitate to reach out! Options abound! Self-motivated younger folks under age 12 are welcome with parental supervision.

We gladly welcome visiting school groups/clubs/homeschoolers to the gardens for those high school aged and beyond who are ready and willing to learn-by-doing. We are not able to accommodate field trips or tours of the gardens, nor offer garden-based programming for younger children at this time.

All inquiries for volunteering in the gardens should be directed to georgia_elgar@branchhillfarm.org .

Educational Gardens Community Partners

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Seimon Community Partner

Cynthia Wyatt

Blueberry Patch

at Branch Hill Farm

In 2023, after 2 years of prepping the soil, Branch Hill Farm planted 250 “mid-bush” hybrid blueberries on the end of Camsie Anna Trail.  Managed organically, these blueberries are all early season cultivars that will hopefully bear fruit in the next 2-3 years. 


at Branch Hill Farm

Branch Hill Farm currently stewards just over 80 acres of hay fields. Since 2022 we have committed to using only Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) certified organic fertilizer. We also practice delayed mowing on most of our fields to the benefit of migratory birds such as the Bobolink and Savanah Sparrow. If you would like to inquire about purchasing hay this season, please call the office at 603-473-2535.


to the Educational Gardens at Branch Hill Farm

Your donation directly supports youth programs at our Educational Gardens, including our teen farmer apprenticeship program and credit-bearing learning opportunities for students of all ages during the school year.