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About Branch Hill Farm

For generations, Branch Hill Farm has grown, managed, and conserved our working fields and forests; offered educational programs about sound forestry, conservation, and agricultural practices. This is what we do now and always as responsible stewards of our place, our planet, and our future.

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Carl's Story... Love of Place

“Keep New Hampshire New Hampshire”

In 1995, Carl Siemon’s strong stewardship ethic influenced him to donate all of Branch Hill Farm’s land holdings from his personal ownership to the ownership of a newly created Private Operating Foundation, aptly named the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust.  The Trust’s primary purposes are conservation, education, and stewardship.  The Trust is a registered 501 (c) (3) entity.

“Having worked so hard for 30 years, I wanted to see a vehicle in place to protect this land, so that it never changes. This will make me sleep a lot better, knowing it will still be in this state once I’m gone….”to keep New Hampshire New Hampshire. There is a time to get and a time to give back. I’m ready to give back.”

Carl Siemon, 1995

Our Story

This is the story of an old farmhouse on 3 acres that grew to 3500 plus acres.

Carl Siemon spent his formative years summering in Milton Mills, NH with his maternal grandparents and spent much of his time helping “to bring in the hay” on the neighboring farm.

Farm House Branch Hill Farm
haywagon tractor and family members

His grandparents’ farmhouse In Milton Mills is where Carl’s love for NH’s rural landscape of bucolic farms, pine forests, mountains and lakes was kindled.  This love was galvanized during his Pacific Theatre Marine Corps service during WW11.  

As the years past, Carl resolved to purchase his grandparents’ 1786 farmhouse on 3 acres so his 6 children would become the fourth generation to experience the joy of NH summers at the old farmhouse and “bringing in the hay.”  After he purchased the family farmhouse, he began purchasing land around the house to restore its original 100-acre farmstead that had been sold off prior to his grandparents’ ownership.

Carl’s success in restoring the 100-acre farmstead initiated the journey that would become the creation of Branch Hill Farm’s 3500 plus acres of forever conserved fields and forests and the legacy that six generations of the Siemon family continue to steward and share today and into tomorrow.

carl siemon founder of branch hill

"To forever create an oasis of forests, fields, wildlife, recreation, clean water and air."