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Your Apple Tree Can Be a Part of Living History!

The Carl Siemon Charitable Family Trust and Branch Hill Farm are excited to announce the establishment of a Regional Heritage Orchard to be started in the Spring of 2020.  The orchard will be designed to be a repository for heritage apple varieties, local homestead apples in the Moose Mountains region, as well as locally-discovered experimental wild stock.

As biological diversity shrinks over time due to mass commercial farming, this orchard will be an oasis of apples of all colors, shapes, and sizes that once abounded throughout the New England landscape.  The orchard will also be a learning center for annual BHF classes on grafting, holistic orcharding, and pruning.  The new heritage orchard will adhere to a strict Holistic approach and utilize a combination of historical and experimental techniques to manage the orchard without the use of chemical sprays.

Do you have an old or interesting apple or pear tree on your property?  If so, it may qualify for grafting into the orchard!  An Heirloom apple tree can live up to 200 years in the right conditions, so you may have living history right in your yard.  To learn more or share your tree, please contact Jared Kane at 603-502-1875 or Jared_Kane@branchhillfarm.org.


Your Apple Tree Can Be a Part of Living History

An ancient apple tree in Milton Mills, that still gives an abundance of fruit each year.

This is just one example of a tree that will be grafted and included in the orchard.

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