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Upcoming Forestry Walk through Branch Hill Farm on October 3rd!

Join MMRG for a free forestry walk through Branch Hill Farm in Wakefield, NH on Saturday, October 3rd from 10:00am-12:00pm, with licensed forester Daniel Stepanauskas.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Forestry in 1978, Stepanauskas began his career with the US Forest Service examining forest stands in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. After moving back to New Hampshire in 1981, he worked for the Kennett Company in Conway, planning the management of 10,000 acres of forest. He started consulting soon after, including a position certifying the sustainability of forests for the Forest Stewardship Council and a recent job arranging a carbon sequestration contract in NH, and has worked with land owners, towns, businesses, and land trusts for three decades. His primary goal is to maintain healthy, fully stocked forests.

Participants will join Daniel on a walk through the Branch Hill Farm property in Wakefield, as together we learn techniques for maintaining and promoting fully stocked forests in balance with sustainable human use. This is becoming increasingly complex due to a changing climate. In the real world of forest land ownership in NH,  these issues are also linked to forest product markets and the ability to make the work affordable for logging contractors. 

Daniel will lead us through questions such as: how do we grow tree species that survive climate changes, while also producing wood products that increase carbon sequestration? The group will learn and think about specific wildlife habitats, vertical structure, soft mast species, and forest pH. All are encouraged to attend with an open mind and plenty of questions for Daniel. This conversation is vital – growing tree species and wood products that increase carbon sequestration is key to preparing us for the future!

To offer safe outdoor activities during COVID-19, all participants are required to wear masks and to practice proper social distancing. While we are pleased to offer this as a free activity,  space is limited to 15 people. Spots will fill quickly, so register soon! Please contact Kari Lygren at mmrgnh@gmail.com, or by calling 603-473-2020, for more information and to sign up.

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