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UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Program Visits BHF

UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Program published this post to their Facebook page:

At our staff meeting last week, the Forestry & Wildlife staff visited Branch Hill Farm in Milton with Charlie Moreno, the forester for this piece of the property. Charlie told us that historically this site was heavily cut, and repeatedly. What he found when he started working on the property almost 10 years ago was a lack of diversity. Beech had overtaken much of the understory. He’s been working since to bring back more pine, oak and other species. Beech is great for wildlife, but more diversity of food options is better!


Charlie describes the property and the work that’s been done so far.
Some pine saplings were planted, while others have naturally regenerated.
Can you find all the foresters in this thicket of beech?
Charlie and a sugar maple

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