307 Applebee Rd, Milton Mills, NH 03852

Special Thanks from Milton Resident

The Siemon Family appreciates this expression of thanks from a resident of Milton, NH, recently posted on Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Facebook page.  Our family is always happy to hear from folks who enjoy recreating on our conserved properties.

New Hampshire Fish and Game has just reminded the public of the need to thank private landowners for public access to their lands for recreational opportunities. Without their generosity, the Granite State would indeed be a far poorer place to live.

For my wife and me, access to Branch Hill Farm is especially important – it is essential for making Milton livable for us. So thank you, Cynthia Siemon Wyatt  and the rest of your family, for this marvelous gift that your father established and you manage so well!


Thank you, and please accept our warmest wishes to you and your family for a happy holiday season!


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