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Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Offers ‘Using a Map to Find Your Way’

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways
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Date: 3/4/2020

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Offers ‘Using a Map to Find Your Way’

On Sunday afternoon, March 29, Moose Mountains Regional Greenways (MMRG) will offer a family activity for kids and adults to learn to navigate using a map. The ‘Using a Map to Find Your Way’ workshop is part of MMRG’s 2020 ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ program, intended to encourage the next generation of conservationists by offering families ways to have fun together outside while learning about the natural world.

MMRG Board member Peter Goodwin will lead the activity with help from MMRG staff and volunteers. Goodwin, a former high school science teacher, has been making maps for 30 years and working with people, young and old, to help them learn how to better use maps. This workshop is for kids ten and up with an accompanying adult or anyone sixteen or older who wants to learn to use a map.

Maps are everywhere and people use them all the time, often without being aware of it. For example, most people take for granted a voice on their GPS telling them how to drive to an unfamiliar destination, based on an electronic mapping program. Goodwin is eager to teach kids and adults how to find their own way. He asks, “Do you know how to use a map without a voice? If you were given a treasure map with ‘X’ marking the spot, could you find the treasure?”

For this ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ workshop, each family will be given a map and instructions about what the symbols on it mean. Families will use the map to navigate around Branch Hill Farm and find the points marked on the map representing places or objects of interest on the farm. Time permitting, families will find their way down to the Salmon Falls River and see early signs of spring. Goodwin is encouraging, “You won’t get lost, because you will have a map! And I think you’ll find that navigation is easier than it seems. Prepare to have fun as you find your way around Branch Hill Farm.”

‘Using a Map to Find Your Way’ will take place from 1 to 3 pm on Sunday, March 29. Compasses will be provided but families are encouraged to bring their own, if they have them, and to wear footwear appropriate for muddy trails or wet grassy fields. The workshop is free to MMRG member families but pre-registration is required. Non-members are encouraged to try out their first ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ event for free. For more information, directions, and to pre-register, call MMRG’s Educational Outreach Coordinator Kari Lygren at (603) 978-7125 or email mmrgnh@gmail.com. Interested families may join MMRG with an online donation of $25 per household per year at https://mmrg.info/become-a-member/ or inquire about available scholarships by calling 603-473-2020.

Branch Hill Farm/the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust works to protect open space and working forests and to educate the public about sound forestry, conservation and agricultural practices; see branchillfarm.org. MMRG, a non-profit land trust, works to conserve and connect important water resources, farm and forest lands, wildlife habitats, and recreational land and offers many educational opportunities to inform all ages about the benefits of our region’s natural resources. For more information, a calendar of upcoming educational events, and the full list of 2020 ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ activities, visit www.mmrg.info.


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