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The Branch Hill Farm CSA Program


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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In short, it is a food subscription model. CSAs prioritize a season-long relationship to local families and households. Traditionally, this has often taken the form of a “share”: a family or household purchases a “share” or season-long subscription of the farm produce at the beginning of the growing season, and then receives in-season bounty throughout the harvest season, typically on a weekly basis and enough to cover most/all of their vegetable needs for a week. This is the model we use at Branch Hill Farm.

This model creates a direct, long-term relationship between eaters and their farmer that is grounded in trust, transparency, and the local economy. Farmers spend less precious time marketing their product after it has already been grown. Paying for your CSA share upfront provides working capital in the early spring, when expenses are highest for farmers.

Customers love CSA shares for many reasons:

  • Top quality produce
  • Makes menu planning easier – just cook what you receive!
  • “Feels like Christmas every week.”
  • Weekly email with farm stories and recipes
  • Sense of community – opportunities to contribute to the farm and hang out with my neighbors

Our Veggie CSA: Grown by Youth at Branch Hill Farm:

In our CSA program, described in more detail below, we offer multiple options throughout the growing season to pick up the highest quality, freshest vegetables out there, as well as Certified Organic chicken and lamb from our friends at Terra Firma Farm.

Our CSA is unique in that your incredible produce is now being produced by local teens! The Paid Teen Apprenticeship Program at Branch Hill Farm welcomes teens aged 16-18 onto the farm for the educational-work opportunity of a life-time. Under the guidance of experienced farmers, teen apprentices are entrusted with the real-life task of running a CSA farm, while also gaining invaluable skills they take with them wherever they go in life. To learn more about the Teen Apprenticeship Program, please contact georgia_elgar@branchhillfarm.org.

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What are our growing practices?

Our produce and seedlings are the freshest, highest quality around, and raised without harmful chemicals. No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers. We utilize “no-till” practices on our tiny farm and use only organic inputs: this means life has the chance to THRIVE in our soil.

You’ll Get:

  • 18 Weeks of Fresh Vegetables!
  • June 6th – October 6th!
  • 6-10 Veggies Each Week!
  • Full Sized Share feeds 2-4 people: 2 Veggie-Lovers or 4 Veggie Realists!
  • Tuesday or Friday afternoon Pick-up Options!
  • Free Community Events: Potluck, Open House, Volunteer Days!
  • Weekly Newsletters with Recipes and Inspiration!
  • Trust: You’ll Know Your Food, Community, and Farmers Better Than Ever Before!

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CSA Options and Pricing (Described Below)

Full Sized 18-Week Summer Veggie CSA Share $575* by 4/1

$600 after 4/1

*NEW* “Peak Summer” 6-Week Veggie CSA Share $210
Culinary Herb “Add-On” $50
Egg Share $75
Small Meat Share – Chicken and Lamb $150
Medium Meat Share – Chicken and Lamb $350
Large Meat Share – Chicken and Lamb $500
*NEW* 4-week FALL VEGGIE CSA SHARE! (October) $140
Compost Program $20

*We Proudly Offer Payment Plans and Accept SNAP/EBT Cards as payment for CSA Shares.  Please inquire about smaller share options.

Share Options Explained:

“Peak Summer” Veggie CSA Share: This is the perfect 6-week CSA option for summertime-only households in our area! For just $35/week from July 25th-Sept 1st, receive an abundance of veggies and herbs of peak summer: tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions, carrots, basil, cucumbers, and more! Limited number available.

Culinary Herb Add-On: You will already receive 1 bunch of herbs most weeks in a regular full-sized share, but if you’re looking for more variety, or an opportunity to preserve or dehydrate surplus herbs for your winter use, this Culinary Herb Add-On Option is for you! Receive an additional bunch of herbs each week right along with your regular CSA Share!

Meat Shares: We’re lucky to partner with the incredible Terra Firma Farm in Acton, ME to offer a variety of organic, pastured lamb and chicken. This option is for you if you want to expand your commitment to Local Food. See sign-up form for details.

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Egg Add-On: Receive one dozen eggs weekly for 18 weeks. Produced by the pastured happy hens at Terra Firma Farm in Acton, ME.

*NEW* FALL VEGGIE CSA SHARE: Extend your share to 22 weeks! On Tuesdays from October 10th – 31st, we will have a limited number of 4-Week Fall Vegetable Shares – Put off that sad day when you must return to the grocery store for your produce a little while longer! Think: greens of all sorts, carrots and beets, storage onions, fall broccoli and leeks, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and more!

Compost Program: It’s simple. For $20, we’ll lend you a 5-gallon bucket each week that you can toss all your plant-based kitchen scraps into. Drop off your compost with us when you pick up your veggies and take home a clean bucket each week. Reduce your waste and help us “close the loop” by bringing fertility back to where it’s needed: Branch Hill Farm’s compost pile.

Still Have Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 603-473-2535 or email at branchhillfarmcsa@gmail.com


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