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Family New Moon Walk with Moose Mountains Regional Greenways on September 21

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Date: 9/2/2019

Family New Moon Walk with Moose Mountains Regional Greenways on September 21


On Saturday, September 21, Moose Mountains Regional Greenways (MMRG) and Branch Hill Farm will offer a New Moon Walk for families.  The activity is part of MMRG’s ongoing nature series for kids and their families called “MOOSE-ies for Families”, intended to engage children with the natural world and encourage a new generation of conservationists. MMRG staff and volunteers will lead the New Moon Walk from 5 to 7 pm at Branch Hill Farm in Milton Mills.


Lorrie Drake, Chair of MMRG’s Educational Outreach Committee and one of the outing leaders, was enthusiastic about the variety of fun things that can be done when the moon is hidden and the sky is dark. “Activities will include stargazing and learning about constellations, listening for night sounds and using our other heightened senses, and learning about animals that can see in the dark. We’ll provide red cellophane to cover flashlights for night vision, and diagrams of easily identified constellations. I’m sure we’ll have a great time!”


Children of all ages are welcome with their families. Families are asked to bring their own snack, a blanket for stargazing, bug repellant, and flashlights or headlamps. The outing is free for MMRG member households (see below) but pre-registration is required. For more information, directions, and to pre-register, call MMRG Education Coordinator Kari Lygren at (603) 978-7125 or email info@mmrg.info.


‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ stands for Members Only Outdoor and Social Events for Families. The program of six ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ activities per year is a membership benefit for MMRG member families. Upcoming MOOSE-ies events include a Bonfire Evening of stories, music and games on Friday, October 25 and a Saturday morning walk to gather greens and make holiday decorations on December first. Families can join MMRG for $25 per household per year at www.mmrg.info/become-a-member/ or call (603) 473-2020 to inquire about available scholarships. MMRG would like to thank MRP Manufacturing, LLC in Pittsfield, NH for sponsoring the 2019 ‘MOOSE-ies for Families’ series, and the Dorr Foundation, which supported the program with a grant.


MMRG, a non-profit land trust, works to conserve and connect important water resources, farm and forest lands, wildlife habitats, and recreational land in Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, Wakefield, and Wolfeboro. Throughout the year, MMRG offers many educational opportunities to inform all ages about the benefits of our region’s natural resources. For more information and a calendar of events, visit www.mmrg.info. Branch Hill Farm/Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust works to protect open space and working forests and to educate the public about sound forestry, conservation and agricultural practices; see www.branchhillfarm.org.

Walking in the woods with MOOSE-ies for Families (Photo by Kari Lygren)


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