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Branch Hill Farm 2023 Spring Plant & Tree Sale

Branch Hill Farm  2023 Spring Plant & Tree Sale Availability List


Click Here for 2023 Plant & Tree Catalog


OUR GROWING PRACTICES: All our seedlings are grown without chemicals using Certified Organic potting mix and fertilizers. We source Certified Organic and open-pollinated* or heirloom* seeds wherever possible, and do our best to save our own seed. We also keep energy consumption involved in greenhouse seedling production to a minimum.


HOW TO ORDER: Pre-Order by March 15th by email at branchhillfarmcsa@gmail.com with your name, a clear list of how many of each crop you would like, clearly indicating variety. Please also indicate if you will accept substitutions in the case of crop loss / going out of stock.


Note: Some plants come in 4” pots – list these individually (ie. 4 Sungold Cherry Tomato Plants). Others come in 6-packs – list these in terms of how many total 6-packs you would like (ie. 3 Basil 6-packs, totalling 18 plants).


We will confirm your pre-order via email and direct you to your payment options from there!


PLANT PICK-UP: We have two phases of the plant sale in the month of May. This are based on when it is appropriate to plant each crop – you can safely plant your seedlings as soon as you take them home:

  1. Cool-Season Seedlings: Friday, May 5th 4-6pm and Saturday, May 6th from 8:30-10:30am.
  2. Warm Season Seedlings: Friday, May 26th 4-6pm and Saturday, May 27th 8:30-10:30am.

Please mark these dates on your calendars! It really works when you show up during these windows!



All 4” pots are $4.50 each.

All 6-Packs are $4.50 each.

Apple trees are $30 each.


PAYMENT OPTIONS (once your total is confirmed by us):

  1. Online with credit card using Branch Hill Farm’s online store: branch-hill-farm.square.site.
  2. Mail a check to CSFCT (Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust) at 307 Applebee Rd. Milton Mills, NH 03852 (MOST preferred).
  3. Pay in person by cash/check at plant pick-up.


Click here for 2023 Plant & Tree Catalog

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